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Since most European countries choose to have their casino players covered by the Gamstop union, non Gamstop platforms are also in significant demand. Why? First of all, they don’t affect your playing to stay for as long as you want to. Next, you can receive generous rewards and bonuses that are, on average higher than at Gamstop casinos.

And thirdly, you can enjoy a variety of loyalty programs, including cashback and bonuses. There is no exclusive ‘must’ for a player, so there would be no problem if you knew you could stop in time. This makes it worth trying out UK slots not on Gamstop, at least once in a lifetime.

What You Should Know About Slots Not Registered With Gamstop

All benefits are actual, but there are many sides to consider before diving into the world of online slots not on Gamstop. Here we have got a list of their features. 

  • Slots not registered with Gamstop might have weaker security. 

If Gamstop websites get you covered from all sides and protected by many layers of security, these casinos won’t probably have the whole set of security instruments. 

So, always remember to check if the website is at least licensed.

  • You are most likely to be taxed for playing.

The law of the UK can oblige you to pay the tax in separate cases, so check out the regulations if you live in the UK. 

In contrast, casinos under Gamstop in the UK are free from taxes unless this is your only source of income. 

  • There is a rich choice of casinos with various slots. 

The number of casino slots not on Gamstop by far exceeds the number of those within the Gamstop organization. 

  • You can opt for local self-exclusion. 

Though participating in the non-registered on Gamstop slot sites has more freedom for players, there are still opportunities to avoid significant losses and stop yourself from playing. Many of them have local self-exclusion options. 

This is true about most casino slot sites not on Gamstop, but since the industry is changing fast, some new and safe alternatives might emerge that we still don’t know.

How Do I Know If I Can Play Slots Not On Gamstop and Remain Out of Trouble?

Playing online slots not registered with Gamstop is a different experience for every player. So take an individual view of your situation and check if you have any of these behaviors in your gambling to know whether it’s ok for you to take up any UK slots not on Gamstop. 

  • You don’t experience extreme mood swings after wins or losses
  • You don’t hide your gambling hobby from friends and family
  • Gambling in online casinos doesn’t make you more impulsive or wealth-chasing
  • You do not borrow money to continue gambling

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If you are free from all of these points, the gaming activity is not addictive for you. But if you have started to develop at least one of these, don’t hesitate and reach out for professional assistance.

Companies such as GamCare, Gamban, and NetNanny can help you deal with the problems by monitoring your web activity and supporting you along the way. 

Use Safe Slot Sites Not On Gamstop and Don’t Risk Your Neck

As you can see, using slots not on Gamstop today is possible without being illegal. Of course, these places will not be that careful about cyber safety as the Gamestop casinos allowed in the UK. A lot of casinos allow secure payment methods as well – credit and debit cards, e-wallets, plus crypto wallets. 

Still, on the list we included above, many new places are tested by the time and offer the best ways to temporarily get yourself blocked from gaming activity and take part only after the time is out. 

What matters most of all here is your ability to control yourself, put up with losses and be open about your real financial condition. 

To add a few words about licensing of such casinos, look for the following ones: ARJEL, AAMS, Gambling Supervision Commission, Spanish Gaming Commission, or Malta Gaming Authority. 

If these authorities sign the licenses, there will be no chance to worry about safety and avoid playing there if you can handle it well. 


What is GamStop?

Players that think that they have a problem with gambling can opt for self-exclusion via GamStop. This service will prevent them from playing at any online casino registered in the UK. Still, there are a number of online casinos not on GamStop at which users could still register and play at.

What Casinos are not on GamStop?

GamStop is a service destined only for UK online casinos. GamStop can’t prevent gambling at land-based casinos or online casinos not on GamStop. There are thousands of casinos worldwide that are not registered on GamStop.

Which Casinos are not registered with GamStop?

Considering that GamStop is a self-exclusion option for players from the UK that play at an UK registered online casino, the service doesn’t apply to any other online or land-based casino. You can find many casinos not on GamStop and many of them offer thousands of games and cool offers.

What is the best non GamStop casino?

It’s hard to tell which are the best casinos not on GamStop and even more, which one is the best. Still, there are some key points you should keep an eye out for! Choose a casino that has SSL encryption and safe payment methods, aside from plenty of games and offers.

Are there any UK casinos not on GamStop?

GamStop is available only for online casinos registered in the UK. If the casino is registered and/or licensed by a company outside the UK, then GamStop isn’t available. If you’ve opted for self-exclusion with GamStop, you can still find UK casinos not on GamStop to play at, that aren’t registered in the UK, therefore, available to you.

How do I get unbanned from GamStop?

Once you have contacted GamStop and requested self-exclusion, you won’t be able to receive access to gambling sites until after the period of time you’ve selected for self-exclusion is over. The only option to start playing again is at casinos not on GamStop.

Does Gamstop affect credit rating?

This service is 100% confidential. The only possibility to influence your credit score is solely if you borrow money and don’t return it. Neither GamStop, nor casinos not on GamStop can’t affect your credit rating. Unfortunately, people with gambling addictions sometimes find themselves borrowing money and not being able to pay them back, therefore obtaining a negative credit score.

Is GamStop legally binding?

GamStop takes self-exclusion very seriously. Once you request their services, you will have to decide on a period of time for self-exclusion, which can’t be terminated sooner. The casinos not on GamStop can’t prevent users from creating an account.

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