Privacy Policy

When you use, you give us permission to use and exploit your personal information and data. That being said, we never misuse this ability since we value your privacy and take all necessary precautions to protect users’ sensitive data. Your information is not stored on our servers. Instead, third-party applications and data storage are used to store private information in the future for predictive profiling and providing a tailored experience for our users.

The Information We Gather

We gather two sorts of data: first, anonymous or non-identifiable data, and second, personal data. The former relates to information collected from your browser or operating system, as well as your access time and language, among other things. The latter refers to demographic information that identifies a user. This type of information becomes available to us when you subscribe to our newsletters, complete our enrollment/sign-up forms on our website, receive auto-mailers by email, or submit any material with your email address and name. 

Other characteristics, such as your IP address, browser kind and version, time zone, and so forth, provide us precise connection or technical information. Your website usage data gives us access to your personal information as well.

How We Safeguard Your Information

There is no need for you to be concerned about your data being compromised or lost. We have put in place the necessary security measures to prevent such crimes from occurring. Our in-house web security team is devoted to establishing the most stringent security standards.

How We Will Make Use of the Information Collected

We will never utilize your personal information unlawfully. Two scenarios, in particular, require such actions:

  • To avoid our legitimate interests and your interests from being superseded by fundamental rights.
  • When we have your permission to treat your data on a legal basis.

The information we collect is mainly used to improve the end-user experience or the site content. However, it might also be utilized to improve the company’s marketing efforts, detect and prevent fraudulent actions. Importantly, your data will only be transmitted or sold to third parties with your permission or as required by law.

How the Data Was Gathered

When you explore our site, we gather your site visits, referrals, and URLs. Similarly, when you use your mobile phones, we collect data from your service provider. First, we collect data using various methods, including direct interactions such as subscribing to our publications and services, sending private texts, applying for marketing letters or participating in a competition, survey, or promotion, and providing us with feedback. Second, we collect technical data from your interactions with our website via automated technologies or interactions. Finally, we can obtain information from third parties or publicly accessible sources, such as analytics and technology providers or search information providers.

Third-Party Access to Personal and Non-Identifiable Information

Please remember that we do not disclose, sell, or trade your personal information with third parties, except as stated in the privacy rules. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that sites connected to us will access or utilize user information. For some instances, we may share user data with specified organizations, such as advertising partners, to improve performance or reduce the danger of fraudulent activity. If required, we may share user information with law enforcement to comply with our legal requirements and service providers to enable them to serve as data processors. You may be confident that your information will not be shared without your permission. 

Dispute Resolution

You can contact us if you experience any problems, and our support team will take the required steps to resolve them. Furthermore, as a customer, you have the right to contact or submit a complaint with the local body responsible for treating your personal information. However, before calling local authorities, we propose that you take the first step.


This website employs cookies, which you may accept or reject according to your preferences. A cookie is a short text file that carries an identifying number that is sent from a website to the hardware of your computer or mobile device. Every time your browser visits our website, the unique number will identify it, allowing you to be distinguished from other visitors. Do not be concerned; the number does not recognize the caller and does not have access to any information about you, your computer, or your mobile phone.

Cookies allow websites to deliver better online services to their users, recognize which pages are being used, and track which pages may interest you. Strictly essential cookies, analytical/performance cookies, and functionality cookies are the three sorts of cookies.

Disabling cookies may prevent you from fully utilizing a website’s features or services. In addition, third parties may use cookies over which we have no control.

Protection of Minors

Our services are exclusively available to adults. As a result, visitors under the age of 18 or those not legally defined as adults are prohibited from using our site and services or providing any personal information to us. Due to your data protection rights, if we encounter any saved personal data of an individual under the legal age during verification, we retain the right to erase it and refuse you by following our internal processes.

If you have reason to believe that a minor has shared their personal information with us, please let us know.

Updates to the Privacy Policy That Could Happen

If any modifications to the privacy policies are made, we will notify you via all access methods. Nonetheless, if you continue to use our site, you automatically agree and accept the modifications.